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66-diamonds in the grass

November 1, 2010

acrylic and lots of Swarovsky


65-one stroke roses

October 25, 2010

one stroke roses

64-red passion

October 2, 2010

63-i saw the rainbow

September 13, 2010

i saw the rainbow outside

62-strass in flowers

September 13, 2010

swarovsky strass with acrylic

59 – silky flowers

August 18, 2010

flowers done with acrylic paints on fiberglass.

58-lemony snicket

August 18, 2010

feel the lemon taste?

57-foil game

August 17, 2010

games with golden foil. see how it changes color…?


July 28, 2010

invisible design series

42-snake eyes

June 30, 2010

excersizes for the lines and curves can be found in our Workbook.

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